Noelle Miller

Noelle Miller is an abstract painter living and working in Fort Collins, Colorado. After graduating from CSU with a BFA in drawing, she focused on traveling and dove into her work with a newfound inspiration for the world around her. Noelle’s work stems from an interest in emotion and the manifestation of energy within everyday life. Recently, her works have been focusing on the idea of memory and feelings of nostalgia. Large swatches of color build a platform for the telling of these stories. Delicate lines, textures and clouds of color create a language of what is remembered in contrast with where moments of these memories lapse.



Stephenie Purl Hamen

Stephenie Purl Hamen is a mixed media artist, working across surfaces and mediums, often mixing and merging them together. She has an evolving style, currently focused on abstraction. Her use of colorful paints and intricate geometries is something that she carries across all of her works. She travels to teach and to showcase her art piece. She is also the mother to two boys – Owen and Jacob – and wife to Matt. She currently resides in Sun Prairie, WI, the birthplace of Georgia O’Keeffe.


Teresa Navajo

My best ideas are forged in the twilight. I’m a self proclaimed insomniac who is also an early riser, thank goodness for my coffee and tea!I create artwork inspired by nature and the emotional bonds we have to our self, our surroundings and the people, creatures and plants within those spaces. My style is very intuitive and organic, I rarely have a game plan when it comes to creative time in my studio. I am, simply put, my artwork’s vehicle allowing each one to reach its final destination, a completed piece of artwork on paper, wood or canvas.



Aliza Rand

Aliza Rand is a professional photographer based in Madison, WI and Switzerland. Originally from San Francisco, she holds a BA (UCLA) and MFA (UC Berkeley) in photography. Rand has a primary focus on the culinary crafts and visually representing them. She has also been the exclusive photographer for the Wisconsin Film Festival and the UW Madison Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program (2014-2018). She currently runs and does the photography for “Pikku Takki”, Children’s and Mens Clothing. Rand is an internationally exhibiting photographic artist having shown at the SFMOMA, Berkeley Art Museum, and galleries in Germany, Slovenia, Finland and Switzerland. 



Eric Thomas Wolever

Throughout his career as an artist, Wolever has always explored themes of landscape, upbringing, and personal landmarks. First in the form of installations, and now as complex, layered paintings. Utilizing a combination of acrylic and ink, Eric pulls a depth of memory and experience into a condensed form. He cites his midwestern upbringing as his main inspiration for his work, drawing from his summers spent skateboarding, the lattice of nylon porch chairs, and weathered basketball hoops. Eric invites us to observe these artifacts within his context, and within our own. The resulting narrative is one half-formulated by his work, and half-constructed of our own experience.



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